The Netflix series Stranger Things has been the most buzzworthy TV show of the summer. After a few friends urged me to watch the show (set in circa 1983) and reading many articles on pop culture websites, I binged the series in about a week. I thoroughly enjoyed the show with all the nostalgic references as well as the memories it evoked from my own experience growing up in the '80s. I thought it would be fun to ask a few of my podcasting friends who also watched the show to sit down for a roundtable review on the Recurrent Events podcast!

In case you haven't watched the show, I'd urge you to check out the 8 episodes on Netflix before listening to the podcast because it contains SPOILERS! My fellow mouthbreathers Stacey Rader (@geeky_vixen) and Erik Tukey (@boulderhillnet) sat down with me to talk about our viewing experience, critque the acting, reveal our fave/least fave characters, talk about the overall story, and give our expectations for season 2.

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