Recurrent Events

The Recurrent Events Podcast is currently on hiatus...again! This also includes the Patreon account. I've enjoyed producing the show and your feedback, but I've decided to focus on a couple other projects. The Recurrent Events Weekly News Update will continue on the website. - Jason

Recurrents Events is a weekly news update and podcast covering the latest retro pop culture headlines on remakes, reboots, and re-releases from the world of movies, TV, music, comic books, collecting, and more. The newly rebooted podcast is a newscast combined with listener feedback providing a fun interactive experience on the latest headlines. Connect with Recurrent Events on Twitter and Facebook to interact or send voicemail message to "recurrentevents" on Skype when you simply have to voice how excited or perturbed you are about the latest remakes and reboots. Subscribe now to the  Recurrent Events podcast on iTunesGoogle Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, or visit the podcast homepage to stream episodes from your browser.

Even more content in the Recurrent Events Weekly News Update on RD80s! As an extension of the show, each Saturday morning you can get a direct link to all the articles featured on the podcast and more! Visit the Recurrent Events Weekly News Update archive at anytime to see what you've been missing in the world of retro pop culture!

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