Martha Quinn, the 'Tweetjay'

Our 1980s MTV might be gone, but that's not keeping some familiar faces from connecting us to the music we love!
MTV's five original "veejays" Mark Goodman, Nina
Blackwood, Martha Quinn, J.J. Jackson, & Alan Hunter
I was lucky enough to have cable television in it's early stages and also to have parents that let me watch MTV. I believe those two things cultivated my love for music and ultimately led to pursuing a bachelor's degree in radio broadcasting. Many of my friends know that circumstances didn't play out as I expected (in a good way!) and I never really pursued my career in radio. I decided a couple weeks ago to start this blog, mainly to have a place to store some of my musical data that's been lodged in my brain all these years. I also wanted to have a little fun remembering what it was like as a child of the 80s. 
As a recent convert to Twitter, I've been poking around in search of my favorite bands and musicians to follow and maybe, jolt some of those memories. Using the "Who To Follow" feature, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon many people I knew from the MTV era! Among that first group of people I chose to follow was Martha Quinn. Wow, talk about mind-jolter! Through her Twitter profile I've found dozens of other people, some that I've probably not talked about for 25 years. 
I recently sent a tweet to Martha calling her a "tweetjay" in honor of her former job as an MTV veejay. Kudos to her and the 3 other original veejays (RIP J.J. Jackson) for keeping the music alive and introducing to a new generation. They can also be  found on XM satellite radio on the 80s on 8 channel.
Martha, Alan, Mark, & Nina
at the MTV 30 year anniversary broadcast on XM.

So for those of you who would like to follow my path to "rad" crowd, I've taken the liberty of shortening the process for you. Here is a list of Twitter accounts to resurrect the 80s in your life!

Original MTV veejays 

Other MTV veejays and personalities from the 80s 

80s musicians & bands

I'm just scratching the surface on musicians and bands available, so please feel free to comment with some of your faves to follow on Twitter!

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