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Over the course of 2023-2024, Rediscover the '80s generated over 1.156 million pageviews with approximately 20% of traffic coming from various search engines including Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and others. RD80s is based in the United States, but other English speaking countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia visit the site on a regular, repeated basis. RD80s has a total footprint on social media of over 75,000 followers including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.


Rediscover the '80s offers traditional banner advertising, sponsored articles, backlinking, affiliate marketing, press releases, and product reviews (primarily related to 1980s pop culture.)

Quality, Relevant Content

Rediscover the 80s specifically caters to the Generation X clientele.  We are exclusive to our clients while engaging readers with content purposely written to the 1980s era.  New items, articles, and topics that relate back to the 1980s (aka Retro, vintage, etc) are part of those articles.

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Please email your advertising inquiries to the owner and admin Wyatt via

Advertisers, marketers, and other representatives please be aware that we do not welcome guest posts about casinos/gambling, CBD, etc as the main topic.  Any and all articles are reviewed by our staff to ensure the post consists of 1980s topics/subjects prior to any final agreement

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