Retro Top Ten List: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Exhibits

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa...

Top Ten Exhibits In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

10. Michael Jackson's original nose
9.   Diorama of Pink Floyd trashing a Holiday Inn
8.   The childproof cap that Elvis couldn't open
7.   The mint green shorts worn by Richard Simmons in "Sweatin' to the Oldies"
6.   The Life of Mark Goodman: From MTV Veejay to Former MTV Veejay
5.   The Record Company Weasel Petting Zoo
4.   Great Moments with Mister Mister
3.   Get the Hell Off the Stage!: A Tribute to Opening Acts
2.   "Catch a Disease from a Groupie" kissing booth
1. Ride The Wild Cher!

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