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Single Notes Book Review: Soft Cell

Single Notes Book Review
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: 
The Fleeting Fame & Lasting Legacy of Soft Cell
By Kurt B. Reighley

Book author, MSN music writer, and part time Seattle radio jock Kurt Reighley gives his unique perspective into the world of British synth-pop music and how Soft Cell paved the way for future artists in a new short form eBook from Rhino Records' Single Notes library. Reighley also explains how Soft Cell's impact reached beyond just music into a lifestyle of night clubbing and leather fashion that stormed the UK (and to a certain extent, the US) in the early 80s. Dismissing the "one hit wonder" moniker that has placed on the band, Reighley directs the book using his own experience of getting past the overwhelming success of "Tainted Love" and really exploring Soft Cell's music and culture. Here is the author explaining the book in his own words:

RD80s Review:
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: The Fleeting Fame & Lasting Legacy of Soft Cell contains an extensive history into how Soft Cell hit the 80s music scene. Even for someone like me, who has delved into the history of rock more than new wave, it was still a very interesting read. Reighley really sets the backdrop of what the two-man synthesized band experienced in a rock and roll world, not to mention the obstacles faced with their lyrical content and lifestyle that were pretty much taboo at the time. It doesn't take very long to realize the extensive research and interviews that Reighley has really fit into this short book.

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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: The Fleeting Fame & Lasting Legacy of Soft Cell - A Single Notes Book

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