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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!

Everyone have a safe Halloween night! I'll be taking my little Captain America and Woody from Toy Story around the neighborhood and to a local fall festival for Tricks or Treats tonight. I imagine some of you might be doing the same. So when your kids fuss at you tonight before going out, remember our rules when we went trick-or-treating to ensure they have a great time: 1) It's never cold enough to wear a winter coat over your costume. 2) Avoid the kid in the Grouchy Smurf costume. 3) Check the kids in G.I. Joe costume for live ammo. and 4) Avoid all houses that might be giving out fruit. 

Listen to RD80s Radio today for the Ultimate 80s Halloween Playlist! It will be on repeat all day for whenever you need some spooky 80s music. Some of the songs include "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr, Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo, "Freaks Come Out At Night" by Whodini, and of course Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Listen on the Tune In Radio app or right here from the RD80s website.

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