GIFs That Keep On Giving: Video Game Title Screens

I stumbled onto an awesome website this past week. If you've connect with the RD80s Tumblr blog, you might have seen a few images of video games recently. Most have been courtesy of TitleScream.Com, which is a site devoted solely to video game title screens and loading screens. Games featured include the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, from the ZX Spectrum computer through the Super Nintendo System console.

What's great about Title Scream is the high quality images, some that are even animated (as you'll see below.) Some screens are easily recognizable and will make you wish an NES controller was in your hands. Others screens may be new to you and can experience for the first time. I never owned games like Labyrinth, Knight Rider, and Rambo III, so it was fun watch these games come to life...

Thanks again to for the images above. Check out their site and search for your favorites by processor, platform, or company.
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