80s Halloween Costumes Ideas Via Found Item Clothing

So you are thinking about dressing up as an '80s movie character for Halloween, but you needs some ideas. DONE.

The peeps at FoundItemClothing.com have put together a fun costume guide to help save you some time. Each character in the guide comes with a checklist (some also include a cool movie ticket) to ensure that no details go overlooked. The guide is updated each year and you can even submit your ideas. Here are few of my favorites in the guide:
Cameron Frye
from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Pretty simple costume: T-shirt, suspenders, belt, khakis, loafers. Bonus Halloween candy if you can reenact this scene.

from Wet Hot American Summer
Any costume with tube socks is definitely a cut above the rest. Find two friends to play Gene and Gary and you'll be able to be proud of who you are.

Jack Burton
from Big Trouble In Little China
Another relatively easy way to teleport yourself back to the '80s for Halloween. Another acceptable Kurt Russell character is Snake Plissken.

Cru Jones
from Rad
The red bandana is a must. The ultimate Halloween party entrance would be riding a BMX bike into the host house with "Send Me an Angel" blaring. Bonus points for performing any tricks or eating a bowl of Kix cereal at anytime.

Edgar Frog
from The Lost Boys
Halloween parties are usually overrun with vampires, so a vampire killer works out great. And every '80s costume party needs a Corey Feldman, right?

Danny, Tony, and Ty Webb
from Caddyshack
Another great idea for a group costume is this Caddyshack crew. Don't forget a blindfold too.

Many more ideas in the FIC costume guide including the Sixteen Candles crew, the MacKenzie brothers from Strange Brew, your favorite croquet trio from Heathers, and the Stand By Me gang. Many shirts and accessories from the guide are available in the FIC store. 

View the full Found Item Clothing Halloween Costume Guide and send an email to the FIC crew with your ideas!

All images courtesy FoundItemClothing.com

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