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The Weekly Links: Ghostbusters 8-Bit Music Video, Remote Controlled R2-D2 Pumpkin, Sting Sings On NYC Sidewalk

Happy Halloween!! Be safe if you are going to parties or taking the kiddies out trick-or-treating. Remember, "don't eat an apples that you can shave with." I thought I'd round up all of the goodies that I've given away on RD80s this year and from years past for this special Halloween edition of The Weekly Links. Plus, there are plenty of new web treats to share so be sure to sink your teeth into some retro-tastic victims!

RD80s Halloween Treats

Video this week was a tough choice among several that featured Ghostbusters. You'll see the others in the links below, but I was excited when I received a message about a new version of the music video. The Filthy Frackers channel has produced some great video game style music videos in the past including an 8-bit Grunge montage which was a previous TWL Video of the Week. This time they have created a shot-for-shot remix of the Ghostbusters music video including all of those wonderful cameos! I decided it was my favorite from this past week and you'll see why...

TWL Video of the Week
"Retro-Game Inspired 'Ghostbusters' Music Video" by Filthy Frackers

Now, check out all of the sugary goodness in this week's bag of links including a special Halloween section!

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