The Weekly Links: Marshmallow Ghostbuster, Pac-man Theme In 10 Different Styles, NHL Player Uses '80s For All-Star Bid

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope all of you have a safe and prosperous new year. After missing last week due to traveling, The Weekly Links return for the first post in 2015! Here's a fun way to celebrate the new year if you're a toy collector. If you've got an old calendar from 1981 or 1987 (like from Marvel or M.A.S.K.), you can use it for 2015! Thanks to my online pal Lamar Revenger for that tip.

Even though I was on the road during Christmas break, I did manage to share my Christmas Eve tradition of going on a shopping spree through an old Christmas catalog. This year I spent $500 in the 1983 Montgomery Ward catalog and came away with a General Lee pedal car and a slew of tabletop arcade games. On Christmas Day I shared a YouTube playlist I put together of '80s home movies showing kids unwrapping presents. It was pretty fun watching kids unveiled stuff like Star Wars vehicles. And then a couple days ago I found some awesome concert performances during MTV's Rock 'N Roll New Year's Ball in the '80s. The Duran Duran concert from '83 was my favorite although it was entertaining to watch Sam Kinison host the 1988 edition.

Plenty of links to share but first, my favorite video from the past two weeks was a tough choice. I went with a hilarious rendition of the MacGyver intro found by Gizmodo in which the theme music is removed and all you get are sound effects. The same user is the one who did the musicless version of "Dancing In The Street" awhile back.

TWL Video of the Week
"Musicless Intro / MacGyver" by Mario Wienerroither

Enjoy the rest of this week's links including some Christmas leftovers in case you are experiencing the post-holiday blues...



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  1. The pop culture video above said ... He's ''Canadian'' then it say's vote it's ''the American way''! I loved the 80s but they apparently were confusing for some, so was it Canadian or American ?? LOL


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