10 '80s-Themed Valentines We'd Like To Receive

Remember how fun Valentine's Day was as a kid in the '80s? I'm sure it's still fun for kids today, but we had all that great candy and got to choose our favorite themed valentines. Nothing said "I like you" more in the '80s than an Alf valentine taped to a pack of Pop Rocks.

Well, since we can't go to Walmart and buy Knight Rider or Ghostbusters valentines anymore, we decided to make our own! I've teamed up with Lee & Linz from Pop Rewind before when we came up with our 10 best E.T. sequel names. This time, we use our photoshop abilities to come up with 10 '80s-themed valentines that we'd like to receive! Scroll through my creations below and then head over to Pop Rewind for another 5 valentines. We'll be posting these (and more) on Twitter today with the hashtag #80sValentines so feel free to share with your special nostalgic someone. Let us know which ones are your favroites!

For your favorite chocolate lover that never says die.

For a special someone that just needs to know you're the one and only.

When your Valentine needs to know you aren't just playing games. 

For a very special Valentines that owns your heart.

For that special someone who knows everything about you.

Now, head over to Pop Rewind and view the rest of our #80sValentines ...

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  1. Screenwriters need to stop making sequels to great 80s movies in this time. Where are the original ideas?


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