What Nostalgic Items Would You Put In A Retrogaming Crate?

ManCrates.com is doing a project and recently presented me with the challenge...what items you would want in a personal nostalgia gaming crate? Being a retro gamer and a fan of their pry-open goodie crates, I thought I'd accept the challenge and take a look back at my video game timeline.

My memories start with the Atari 2600. I can't remember at what age I got it, but I was probably around 7 or 8 in the early 80s. It's weird because as much as I loved playing games like Combat, Basketball, and Defender, I don't remember video games holding my attention for hours (unless it was raining outside.) Later when I got more games like Demon Attack, Pitfall, and Frogger my attention seemed to stay longer but playing outside was still my preferred choice. I have great memories though of playing Fishing Derby and Freeway with my dad and also challenging my friends so my crate would definitely contain an Atari 2600 and several games.

Keeping to the crate stipulation of the challenge, it would difficult to find a crate big enough to put an arcade cabinet inside (especially one tall and wide enough to fit Q*Bert and Heavy Barrel.) But I do remember handheld games being a part of my childhood as well with the most memorable one being the Coleco Donkey Kong tabletop arcade game. It wasn't the first though as I remember my cousin visiting from Texas and giving me his handheld LCD BurgerTime game. But the Donkey Kong game I cherished for years and remember playing side-by-side with a friend who had the Pac-man version. So the next item in the crate is a tabletop arcade game.

My path to video game enlightenment differed from many of my friends. Instead of taking the popular Nintendo Entertainment System route, one memorable Christmas I received the Sega Master System as my first "upgrade" from the Atari 2600. I can't exactly remember why, but possible that I simply played it more when I visited the Hills department store because the NES was always tied up. Either way, I got the full package with the 3-D glasses and the light phaser gun that quickly became my path to 8-bit gaming euphoria. It also what led me into sports games as I remember playing Great Basketball, Great Football, and Pro Wrestling on a regular basis. So a SMS deserve a spot in my crate.
In high school, I actually scored a Sega Genesis and my first NES from a local trading post. I had played NES at my friend's houses pretty much since it was released in 1985, so it was weird that I finally had one for myself and could play Super Mario 3 at my disposal. Getting it late and at around the same time as the 16-bit Genesis made me put Sonic at step above Mario. I remember vividly staying up all night to play entire seasons of Bulls vs. Lakers and Bulls vs. Blazers. PGA Tour III would also follow me into the late 90s during my college years so the Genesis had a longer legacy with me. I'd still need to include both in the crate though because I NEED Double Dragon II on NES.

Now, unlike the retrogaming crate that Man Crates offers, I was never a big snacker during gaming. I did want sticky candy fingers or greasy potato chip fingers getting in my way to glory. But I would have to include some caffeine to keep me going so what better than Jolt cola. "Double the sugar, Twice the caffeine."

Thanks to Man Crates for reaching out to me with a fun challenge. Add in the comments what you'd put in your retrogaming crate!

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  1. Great challenge! Being from the UK I would have to put in one of the classic 8-bit home computers. The Commodore 64 was massive over here but the homegrown ZX Spectrum 48k was arguably more popular and that was my first home games machine. I'd have to put that in.

    As space is at a premium I'd definitely go for some handheld devices. First up would be a Game & Watch. It would be between the classic Donkey Kong or Mario Bros. It's a tough choice but I'd probably have to go with Mario Bros. Or if there's enough space I'd chuck both in there.

    The other handheld that would have to go in there would be the legend that is the Game Boy. It's just such a classic design. Some games I would put in with it would include Tetris, Robocop, WWF Superstars and Super Mario Land.

    You can't have retro gaming without a classic joystick either so I would throw in a Competition Pro and a Quickshot II Turbo.

    And the best way to stay in touch with retro gaming news back in the 80s, before the advent of the internet, was through magazines. So why not add in a few back issues of the best computer game magazines which in my opinion were Your Sinclair, Computer + Video Games and Zzap 64!

    1. Awesome! Loved to hear your perspective from across the pond!


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