Netflix '80s Fix: Secret Of The Top Gun Teen Witch That's Number One With A Bullet

After a dismal selection last month, Netflix has come back with a decent selection for March! 14 titles from our favorite decade have been added to instant viewing including a couple blockbusters, an animated favorite, and a high school cult classic.

This month's exclusive features include the 80s Pop Twenty countdown and a one newly-added film that just missed the decade. It's time to get your fix!

Top Gun (1986)
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Tom Cruise stars as a hotshot flyboy who struggles to control himself, responsibility and a steamy love affair while competing at the U.S. Navy's fighter-weapons school, better known as Top Gun. Anthony Edwards plays his loyal co-pilot.

Top Gun returns to Netflix after being gone on assignment for several months. Sequel rumors are still circulating even after director Tony Scott's death over two years ago now. This is one I'm really hoping they leave alone.

Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
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Tough-talking Detroit cop Axel Foley heads to the rarified world of Beverly Hills in his beat-up Chevy Nova to investigate a friend's murder. But soon, he realizes he's stumbled onto something much more complicated.

Still my favorite of the franchise and from Murphy's recent comments about his dissatisfaction with some of the sequels, he'd probably agree. The soundtrack also makes a case for best of the '80s.

The Secret of NIMH (1982)
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This animated adventure chronicles the trials of a widowed field mouse who must move her family to escape a farmer's plow. Aided by a crow and a pack of escaped lab rats, the brave mother struggles to transplant her home to firmer ground.

Back from a short hiatus because my family just watched a few months ago. It held up very well and is very underrated among the animated films of the '80s. I would highly recommend rediscovering with your family!

Number One With A Bullet (1987)
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Investigating a respected businessman, two undercover detectives suspect that the culprits behind the case are members of their own department.

Rotten Tomatoes rates this one pretty low at 23% and I can't confirm or deny the rating since I don't remember watching it. But I'm not counting out any cop buddy movie from the '80s at this point. This one's in my queue to watch in March.

Teen Witch (1989)
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Awkward teen Louise Miller dreams of a date with the school football hero but is too shy to do anything about it -- until she learns she's descended from witches and uses her powers to become the most desirable girl at school.

I know there's a pretty good cult following for this high school comedy, but it's never been one I've desired to see. I will say that Robyn Lively is no Elizabeth Shue but I did like her in Karate Kid III.

New adds this month also include Michael Keaton in Johnny Dangerously, Michelle Pfeiffer doing her best Olivia Newton-John in Grease 2, Brian Dennehy and James Woods teaming up to solve a murder in Best Seller, and the Vietnam War drama Platoon Leader.

'80s Pop Twenty
Here are the 20 most popular '80s movies currently available on Netflix and their location on the previous month's countdown. Very little change this week as Roger Rabbit remains the king of '80s streaming.

  1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (10th consecutive month)
  2. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (no change)
  3. Das Boot: Director's Cut (no change)
  4. Good Morning, Vietnam (no change)
  5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (no change)
  6. Manhunter (no change)
  7. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (no change)
  8. The Thin Blue Line (no change)
  9. Clue (no change)
  10. Trading Places (no change)
  11. Day of the Dead (no change)
  12. Romancing the Stone (no change)
  13. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (no change)
  14. The Cook, Thief, His Wife and Her Lover (no change)
  15. Heathers (no change)
  16. Labyrinth (+1)
  17. The Fox and the Hound (-1)
  18. Stand By Me (no change)
  19. The Dark Crystal (no change)
  20. Pretty in Pink (no change)

Just missed...

Here's a movie that just missed the '80s that is newly available.

Ski Patrol (1990)

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A ski patrol team guards the snowy slopes belonging to Pops, a lovable resort owner whose livelihood is being threatened by a greedy developer.

I watched this maybe a few years ago. It's one I remember catching on cable several times in the 90s and is great for fans of the screwball ski comedies littered throughout the '80s.

If you've missed a previous month's post, check the Netflix '80s Fix archive. Some featured titles could still be available to stream. Also, feel free to comment with any movies or shows you've recently rediscovered.

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