The Weekly Links: Muppets TV Series In The Works, Retro Easter Egg Art, 'Back To The Future' Reboot Trailer

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! Reboot and remake news contiues to dominate the TWL headlines. I actually watched the first episode of the new Inspector Gadget series on Netflix last night with my boys. Eh, it was alright. It led them more to asking about the original series which was fine by me.

I posted the Netflix '80s Fix yesterday, so check out what's new to streaming this month. One new documentary film that I've been recommending all week is the Atari: Game Over. It's now on Netflix and was very entertaining for this retrogamer. Pretty cool history lesson on Atari and their work environment which was insane!

My favorite video this week comes from Mario Wienerroither who is known for removing the music from music videos and dropping in just the sound effects. When you have 30 minutes, check out his entire collection because they are hilarious! This week he posted his video for "Ghostbusters" which includes Bill Murray belching...

TWL Video of the Week
"Musicless Musicvideo / RAY PARKER, JR. - Ghostbusters"
by Mario Wienerroither

Enjoy the rest of this week's links!!

1985 Movie Madness winner... The Breakfast Club - Kickin' Old School


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