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New E.T. Funko ReAction Figures Include A Glow-In-The-Dark Exclusive

Coming Febraury 2017 to the Funko ReAction figure collection are E.T., Elliott, and Gertie from E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial. The retro style 3.75" action figures will come in a 3-pack and feature fun accessories like a Speak & Spell and a bag of Reese's pieces. The production run will be limited to 5,000 pieces so you may want to order the E.T. Funko ReAction 3-Pack Collection now from Entertainment Earth.

Entertainment Earth will also offer a glow-in-the-dark E.T. figure packaged separately on a blister card. This exclusive figure will feature a glowing finger and chest as well as a flower pot accessory. Release date is also scheduled for February 2017. Order the E.T. Funko ReAction GITD Figure now at Entertainment Earth.

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