Retrocon 2024

Review: Rubik's Cube Jigsaw Puzzle + Collectible Tin

If you are a fan of the iconic '80s brainteaser Rubik's Cube and also love jigsaw puzzles, then I have the perfect mashup for you! The UK based company Gibsons has just released an officially licensed Rubik's Cube jigsaw puzzle that is sure to be just as challenging as the original cube. I was very lucky to be one of the first to check out this new product so here is my take, now that I've had the opportunity to put the puzzle together.
First, the puzzle comes in a wonderful collectible tin which is a site to behold itself. Inside is a 500-piece puzzle that is a challenge for any jigsaw master. The puzzle is double-sided with a traditional Rubik's Cube image on one side and a three dimensional mashup on the other side. The puzzle is also shaped like a cube which adds even another layer of difficulty. In fact, the puzzle's design is in high regard, winning the 2018 BTHA Toy Fair Hero Award earlier this year.

I've now completed the puzzle and would highly recommend it for any jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. For now, the puzzle can only be found in UK shops, but has just became available online to ship worldwide. My British friends can find it at UK retailers or purchase online at Jigsaw Puzzles Direct to ship the puzzle to the US or worldwide. 

Check out my video review below and happy puzzling!


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