'80s Game Shows We Wish Would Return

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It seems that the '80s was a great time for UK game shows, with some of the classics experiencing their peak years during the decade. Many of them are no longer featured on our television screens and those that do are usually back for a one-off special. 

We’ve taken a look at some classic game shows from the 1980s that we’d like to see make a glorious comeback.

Play Your Cards Right

The show which ran for 23 years from 1980 until 2003 was hosted by the late, great, Bruce Forsyth. The game featured two couples competing against each other answering questions. The first couple answers the question and then the second couple has to decide whether or not the answer is ‘higher’ or ‘lower’.

Whichever couple was right would then be able to play their cards. Laid out were five giant playing cards and the couple had to guess whether or not the first card was higher or lower than the next, with the ace being the highest and two being the lowest. If the couple correctly guessed all of the cards, then they won the game.

There have been a couple of planned attempts to bring the show back, but none have so far materialized. Vernon Kay hosted a pilot episode in 2011 before the plans for a reboot were scrapped and as late as 2018, there were rumors of a revival with Alan Carr as the host.


The darts themed game show was hosted from 1982 until 1995 by Jim Bowen. The show became so popular that at one point, it was attracting 17 million viewers per episode.

Known for its mix of the popular game of darts and its colourful characters, the game show delighted viewers on a weekly basis. The show was probably best known for it incredible trend-setting fashion, the mascot – Bully and of course, the prize all of the contestants were desperate to win – the carriage clock.

Blankety Blank

The classic guessing game hosted by a range of people including Terry Wogan, Les Dawson and Paul O’Grady (as Lily Savage). The game involved two contestants who would have to match the answers of a statements featuring a blank to six celebrity guests.

The answers the celebrities provided for the blanks were often double-entendres for comedic effect. For each answer that matches, or closely resembles the celebrities’ answers (the closeness determined by a panel of judges), the contestant was awarded a point. Each contestant has a different statement and the one with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Much like Bullseye, all the contestants were after the famous consolation prize – the Blankety Blank chequebook and pen.

Of course, not all of the best game shows that we would like to see make a return are from the '80s as Channel 4’s hit show Deal or No Deal proved in its run from 2005 until 2016. As it’s been nearly two years since the show ended, if you’re still missing it, you can try out the online game and test your luck against the Banker here → https://games.paddypower.com/game/dond-perfect-play-gbp

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