RD80s Podcast Presents 'Memory Jogger: The Movie'

Over two years ago, Wyatt and Jason created the show "Memory Jogger" for the Rediscover the 80s Podcast. It's purpose was mainly for us to jog our childhood memories, remembering our experiences from elementary school through high school years when we parted ways to pursue our careers. 

For 20 total episodes now, we have discussed our time growing up in rural Pennsylvania and a few special topics. While Jason was visiting Wyatt to attend Retro Con in October 2018, we took the opportunity to travel back to our hometowns and basically film a documentary of our memories.

In our journey, we visit our childhood homes in Clearfield and Curwensville, PA along with our school, our frequent hangout "Beef's", and the radio station where we worked together. Other stops include Jason's little league baseball field, the gas station where Wyatt worked, and other local points of interest.

Wyatt gets all the credit for producing the film, adding in our personal pictures to give context to most of the locations. While Memory Jogger: The Movie is foremost for preserving our memories, we hope our podcast listeners will enjoy watching along with us as we rediscover what we call "home."

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