Aspects Of '80s Pop Culture That Seem Eternal

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It’s no huge secret that the ‘80s were hugely important in dictating what would come later, and in today’s world we are still seeing plenty of evidence of the kind of influence that '80s culture is having on us now. Of course, that might be for better or for worse depending on your opinion and aspect - but there is no doubting that it is a strong influence.

In this article, we are going to discuss exactly which aspects of ‘80s pop culture seem to be lasting, and will probably continue to influence the modern day in some way or another. Appreciating these aspects could help us to understand better what the ‘80s was really all about.


Although nobody (thankfully) throws shapes in the exact way they did in the ‘80s, this is still one of the major things that most of us associate with the decade. In particular, there are a number of ways in which dancing is still likely to be seen as influencing today’s dance moves, however large or subtle ways. Even if you weren’t there, you have almost certainly associated some kind of dancing with the decade of the ‘80s in your head, and that is something that is unlikely to change any time soon. If anything, moves seen in films like Flashdance and Footloose might continue to influence dancing for a while yet as time moves on.


They say that fashion comes round again and again, and that is certainly the case - or it at least seems to be when it comes to the fashion seen in the ‘80s. While many of these might well be now considered something of a faux pas - just look at these 10 worst fashion faux pas of the 80s - it is also true that a number of them do seem to be making a return to our culture, even if only in a little way or only for a brief time. Whether it’s welcome or will disappear again at some point in the near future is anyone’s guess, but for now they are here to stay.

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The modern world of computer games really started in the ‘80s, and this is one product of that decade which has really profoundly changed the world forever. Video game consoles are now more popular than ever, even if their complexity is now at a level that you would never have expected to see in the ‘80s. And while we never expected it, in truth, video games all started with the basic games of the early days in the ‘80s: Pong, Tetris, and then Mario being particularly huge in the development and evolution of video games, of course.

These three aspects seem to be sticking around in one way or another and are just a few of the ways in which the ‘80s lives on in our current culture at this very moment. What other aspects would you add to the list?
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