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New Music Video By The Treble Pays Tribute To The Glory Days of MTV

We all miss the glory days of MTV, when music videos introduced you to the latest singles by your favorite artists. Those short films were not only a great way to consume new music but also gave you eccentric visuals to match up with the audio.

Those days of appointment television, watching the latest and greatest music videos, are sadly long gone. Yet, the impact of those visuals now when you hear songs like A-Ha's "Take on Me" or Peter Gabriel's "Sledge Hammer" is still strong enough to instantly pop rotoscoping and stop-motion into your brain.

For the "No Secrets (There For You)" track off the new Rivals album, The Treble relives all the visuals we enjoyed throughout the decade of the '80s. And while it's weird not hearing those classic songs while watching, "No Secrets (There For You)" is a great little catchy song that makes the mind trip a really fun journey.

Check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments...

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