Rediscovered #9 - The Secret of the Sword

Jason and Wyatt return for another episode of "Rediscovered," a podcast reviewing obscure and forgotten TV shows, movies, and cartoons from the '80s. Episode 9 of our series reviews the 1985 animated movie The Secret of the Sword starring He-Man and She-Ra. The movie from Filmation studios was released to theaters and introduced the She-Ra character and her home planet of Ethera.

Our podcast goes in depth on the films origins, cast and crew, broadcast and home video history, and overall review. We'll also tell you our likes/dislikes and whether we recommend you rediscover the movie or leave it in the past.

Watch The Secret of the Sword on YouTube! We welcome your comments and any suggestions for TV shows, movies, or cartoons to review on future episodes of Rediscovered.

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