THRIFT STORE FINDS: Bigfoot and Bugs Bunny Books

In this episode of THRIFT STORE FINDS, Jason showcases more kids books! Included are two books from 1986, 'Bigfoot Facts and Photos' from Antioch Publishing and 'Bugs Bunny Rides Again' from the Golden Tell-A-Tale series. The Bugs Bunny book has some real vibrant art of the classic cartoon character while the Bigfoot book is a fun glimpse into the history of the world's first monster truck.

There are 66 books in the Golden Tell-A-Tale series featuring classic tales and popular characters from Disney, Looney Tunes, Rainbow Brite, and the Pink Panther. As far as the Bigfoot book, a quick Google search led me to my friend Shawn over at who covered the same book several years ago! (Great minds, huh?) He's got screenshots of the book and most of the stickers that I unfortunately didn't get to see in my book.

Watch THRIFT STORE FINDS: Bigfoot and Bugs Bunny Books below and let me know if you have any specific memories in the comments.

THRIFT STORE FINDS features Jason's collectibles that were found while hunting through thrift stores and antique malls in central Alabama.

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