Classic Boredom Busters For Quarantine

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re all spending more time at home. If you’ve had to isolate due to illness, you will have spent even more time at home. All this time in the house can lead to some serious boredom. If you’re struggling to find enough things to do to keep busy, try some of these classic boredom busters to keep the cabin fever at bay.

Game Night

If you live with friends, family, roommates, or a partner, plan a regular game night. You could take it in turns to bring a game a to the mix, and try a range of different games. If you have the right console, play some classic video games together or better yet, dust off an old console from the attic and see if your old cartridges still work! 

Play some classic board games like Monopoly or Scrabble, (and now there’s Scrabble Cheat if you’re stuck). Play an RPG game over a few nights. If you live alone, you can still have a game night. There are lots of games you can play online together. Why not host a quiz night and take turns creating rounds of questions.

TV Night

Being stuck in the house is the perfect time to catch up on some TV. If you’ve missed out on some of the big binge-worthy TV shows lately, now is the time to catch up. If your tastes run a little more retro, treat yourself to a boxset of an old favorite '80s cartoon series or discover a forgotten classic. With digital options these days, chances are you'll find it available on streaming platform.

Movie Night

Do you usually love going to the movies and are now missing the whole experience while you’re stuck at home? Try recreating the theater experience at home. Treat yourself to all your favorite movie snacks, like popcorn or nachos. Pour a huge soda and turn the lights down low in your living room. Turn the volume up, and put on your favorite movie or rent one from a streaming service.

Kitchen Discos

Missing nights out? Have a kitchen disco! You can do this solo or at home. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs that make you want to move, turn the volume up, and dance around the kitchen. Dancing is good exercise and releases endorphins, so you’ll get in some activity when you’re stuck at home and lift your mood if you’re feeling low.

Perhaps set aside a night each week for a kitchen disco and choose a theme for the playlist, like an '80s night, a disco night, or a rock night. If you live with other people, you could take it turns creating playlists of your favorite '80s tunes.

Lockdowns and quarantine have been hard for many of us, but you can spend the time exploring your hobbies to fend off the boredom and keep your spirits high. There’s no better excuse to indulge in the movies, television shows, music, and games of the '80s, whether you have a game night, a party for one in your kitchen, a movie night, or a TV night.

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