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Fashion Trends in the '80s

The '80s gave rise to the most iconic style stardoms. The likes of Winona Ryder, Madonna, and Whitney Houston are all iconic '80s figures and they brought an easily identifiable style. The 1980s was a decade of long hair, acidic wash jeans, eye-straining fabric colors, and shoulder pads with fantastic patterns. Fashion was more of material's value and flaunting wealth. The rich would buy designer labels with branded sports costumes.

Influencers Input in the '80s

1980s fashion, for the first time in history, wasn't dictated by teenagers. The top fashion movers, like Tommy Hilfiger, were now becoming adults and were moving their closets towards the upmarket influencers. More fashion idols rose in the '80s than ever seen in any decade, which is pretty hard to imagine today when there were no cellphones or internet. TVs were luxuries and had few channels, mainly state-owned.

One of the most significant tests of '80s fashion trends was in casino night parties. The casino night parties in the '80s were a unique era of time with loud colors, sky-high hair, and extreme fashion. Many casino parties back then featured free slot games and were a bit strict on dress code. The Vegas casino nights required men to wear black ties and ladies, formal gowns.

Casino nights are less popular today due to increased online slots. Punters can play online slots from any part of the world as long as they have a few minutes to spare and a stable internet connection. The games are available to play online without any downloads. Online slots libraries like vegasslotsonline allow you to access thousands of free and real money online slots.

What Shoes Were Worn in the 80s?

The most popular shoe brand back in the day for both men and women was Converse. Almost everyone owned a pair, marked with their signature, the Chuck Taylor lace-ups. They were available for adults, school children, and even skaters. The brand was common in popular '80s music genres, grungers, and punk-rockers like the Sex-Pistols, Sonic Youth, and famous Ramones and worn in plain black or plain white colors. Converse has also been seen on recent 21st-century stars like Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Liam Neeson, and many others.

Jellies were an idol to most young women in the '80s and early '90s. Jelly shoes appeared in bubblegum pink and opaque white colors. They were designed in a basket weave style and styled with an ankle strap. Glitter jellies were the most common. These shoes are now back in the market, with celebrities like Kate Perry and Alexa Chung incorporating them into their fashion.

You cannot talk about '80s shoes without mentioning Nike Air Jordan's. Combining them with Reebok pumps and high tops, Jordan's were the real '80s shoe idol. They were worn by countless top star athletes, dancers, and most of all, famous hip-hop artists. The chunky sneakers have maintained quality and have a high demand in the modern shoe market. Rihanna is a renowned high-top sneaker lover, as it appears in most of her videos and live performances. If Rihanna wears it, it must be a fabulous fashion.

Top Fashion Influencers in the '80s

'80s fashion shaped the world's fashion industry. It's also an era where casinos passed into the mainstreams and triggered the casino and slots' popularity worldwide. Most clothing brands and fashion designers who made it through the '80s still stand out to date due to their outstanding advertising campaigns and two due to their quintessential products.

Corey Feldman 1989 Academy Awards,
Photo by Alan Light, CC BY 2.0,
via Wikimedia Commons
Reebok, Nike, and Adidas sportswear were the 1980s streetwear. As styles became wackier, these trend styles upgraded and controlled the shoe trends in the decade as the shoe proliferations and revolution continued. Some styles faded into obscurity, while others are still a name in the shoe industry today. Some of the most popular shoes today that began their journey in the '80s include Nike Air Jordan III, Nike Air Force, Adidas Rod Laver Super, Adidas Forum, Reebok Workout, among many others.

Swatch watches for kids. Kids, too, were not left out in the '80s fashion. Fashion for them was an inexpensive plastic watch with bright colors of different patterns. The fashion wasn't in having many watches but wearing all of them at once. These watches were quite affordable, and best of all, they had a fantastic time endurance.

Jeans designers. Whether you were fond of skinny jeans, mom jeans, ripped or acid-washed jeans, the '80s had a favorite for you. Jordache, Guess, Levi, Gitano, Bonjour, and Sasson were the top jean designers in the 80s. Jordache, the leading '80s jeans designer, made tight jeans with skinny legs. The norm in the day was rock-style acid-washed denim fabric. Most women preferred high waist jeans loosed around the legs.

Ray-Ban fashion was a force to reckon with in the manufacture of sunglasses. The wayfarer style spectacles brought a revolution in the manufacture of sunglasses since they entered the market in 1956. The design had a revival in 1980 after they appeared in the Blue Brothers movie. Ray-Ban later signed a product placement deal in 1982, after which they appeared in most films and TV shows. Ray-Ban sunglasses then became the No. 1 choice in 1980. Michael Jackson wore the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. They are the most popular sunglasses ever made.

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