Top Games From the '80s That Are Still Popular Today

The 1980’s was one of the coolest decades around and continues to have a huge influence on culture. From the way '80s fashion trends in 2022 are set to be huge to how music and films still take their cue from the decade, it is clear how influential this period was. Of course, the 1980’s was also the time when playing computer games really took off around the world.

Of course, the modern gaming sector is almost unrecognizable to the nascent gaming scene of the 80’s. Over time, advances in tech, games and attitudes towards gaming have really come on. We even now have fun online casino games to enjoy at internet casinos! The range of iGaming platforms to game at now would be almost unthinkable to gaming innovators from the 1980’s – but would certainly impress them. Casino Cowboy is a great illustration of how gaming has advanced over time and carries some cool games for people to enjoy.

However, one thing that has not changed is how central games themselves are to this industry. That is true for video games from any period. Some games really took off in the 1980’s, though, and remain popular today. But which games might they be?

Super Mario Bros

One of the best game franchises ever was launched in the 1980s and has never looked back. The first title (simply called ‘Mario Bros’) was released by Nintendo in 1983 and was an instant hit. Much of this was down to the cool characters, exciting gameplay and fun design. In all, there have been 22 mainline Super Mario games, but the lovable Italian plumber has appeared in more than 200 titles, from series such as Mario Party and Mario Kart to Paper Mario and the various sporty spin-offs. He remains one of the most instantly recognizable gaming mascots today and is one of the main reasons why Nintendo consoles continue to fly off the shelves.


Surfacing in 1984, this is another 80’s classic which is still played by many people today. For those who have never enjoyed this fiendish puzzler, it is basically a shape matching game. Much of the impact it had was down to the cool music which played in the background and the colorful blocks. In addition, the gameplay was simple enough to pick up but addictive enough to keep you playing. As with the Super Mario franchise, many new versions have been released over time and this has helped Tetris remain popular.

The Legend of Zelda

The first ‘Legend of Zelda’ game released in 1986 was so awesome that many people play it to this day! Of course, this is another massive franchise which started in the 1980’s and has since gone on to include many follow-ups over the years. But what has been behind its success? Much of this comes down to the fantasy/RPG/action game themes which appeal to lots of people.

More recently, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was released in 2017, has won numerous awards and is widely considered to be one of the best games you can play on a Nintendo Switch.

'80s Classics Still Remain Popular

Just as some bands and movie stars from the 1980s remain well-loved today, some games which started off in this decade have retained their luster. The above examples show that, if you get the basics of games right and hit on a winning formula, people will never tire of playing.

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