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4 Things You Didn't Know About Street Fighter

The late-80s saw the release of one of the most influential computer games the world has ever seen. The software developer Capcom created Street Fighter as an arcade title in 1987. The basic gameplay was one player would control Ryu and a second player could take up the battle as his enemy Ken Masters.

Street Fighter 2 became the huge sequel that most of us, over 30 years of age, remember as the one that sparked our interest in these games. It features a choice of characters. And each had their own special moves that could help defeat your rival.

This game was first available on the popular Super Nintendo console. And it soon made its way onto various other platforms. There are 5 main games available, plus they just announced that Street Fighter 6 will be launched. 

Each one has its own set of special editions. And this has created a huge amount of action all based around the same theme.

Moreover, we thought we once knew everything there is to know about the original game. However, there are still some hidden gems that continue to surprise us even now.

Here are 4 things that you might not know about Street Fighter:

Combo moves happened by accident

The Street Fighter game featured a couple of basic characters, as you know. But the prevailing version featured many more. And each of the fighters had some basic moves that corresponded to each of the buttons.

Some allowed you to kick, while others were to block and punch. But the moves didn’t stop there.

We all remember the first time we pulled off an amazing combo. Just bashing the buttons in a seemingly random order created some incredible moves. And they were deadly additions to each player’s arsenal.

In the beginning, arcade players managed to pull off a great series of moves without knowing how. And the game developers were just as baffled.

It seems that a bug in the original software allowed a character to perform a combination of original moves at the same time. As a result, the program creators integrated the idea into future versions.

Effectively it was a bug due to frame speeds. But it went on to be one of the most important aspects of the game.

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The slot sites game presents a 5x5 grid with cluster pays. And this means that not only do any winning combos pay you a win. Moreover, the symbols disappear and give you new ones in their place. And this gives you the chance to keep on winning all with the same credit.

You need to choose from the 8 characters to fight your corner. And if you succeed, you can take on the boss with a bunch of free spins.

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The sequel’s Champion Edition was inspired by hackers

Many fans loved the original title. But there were some clever followers who decided to make a few tweaks to the original.

Top moves and other combos were added to the framework by inspired hackers. And some of them were so good that Capcom chose to create the Champion Edition of the game. The title included loads of the new moves created by the crafty fans.

Bad translation created an invisible boss

In the original game, Ryu is heard to tell Ken that he must defeat Sheng Long. This led to fans believing that there was some hidden level where they could take on a final boss.

But this all came about by mistake. And it turns out that Sheng Long was just a bad translation of ‘my dragon punch’. So Ryu was actually warning Ken of his famous punch rather than introducing a new character.

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