3 Things to Do on a Saturday Night in the '80s

The 1980s – a simpler time, without the distractions of the internet and smartphones, and without the luxury of hundreds of TV programs on demand. Due to this, people needed to actually leave their homes to enjoy themselves on a Saturday night, instead of staying in and trawling the internet, or watching the latest Netflix release.

For anyone born after 1990, a world without such amenities is something that can’t be fathomed. So, what did people do to entertain themselves on a Saturday night in the '80s? Take a look below to find out!

Bingo Hall Excitement

In the 1980s, bingo was big business. People of all ages descended on their local bingo hall every night of the week, but Fridays and Saturdays were particularly popular. They were drawn to these venues with the promise of two things: the chance to win some tasty prizes, and the opportunity to socialize with friends and other like-minded bingo fans.

Nowadays, most bingo halls have disappeared from the streets, with the buildings now used for various other ventures, but there used to be at least one in every major town. The reason they’ve disappeared? The internet. It’s now far more convenient to play bingo online, plus the prizes offered at online bingo sites can be huge. If you want to learn more about playing online bingo, or find the best online bingo site for you, head over to bingosites.net today.

Catching a Movie

Sure, people still go to movies nowadays, but the experience was a much bigger one in the 80s. The cinema was the only way to see the latest releases, and movie fans would flock to screens every night to catch popular films such as Top Gun, Return of the Jedi and Back to the Future. Miss a movie at the cinema, and you’d be waiting months for it to be released on video.

Of course, movies were synonymous with date nights in the '80s – the perfect place to take a date, especially if you found a spot on the back row of seats. However, this wasn’t always possible – movies were so popular that the entire cinema would regularly be filled with patrons.

A Pint at the Pub

Some things really don’t change much at all. Drinking a pint at the pub was a popular pastime every night of the week in the 80s, but Friday and Saturday nights were particularly popular. The '80s also saw people heading out clubbing regularly, with the start of the rave scene and everything that entailed.

However, there was a big difference between partying now and partying in the '80s – the drinks were a heck of a lot less expensive! Go out in a major town or city nowadays and you’ll spend at least £50 on a night out, but not so in the '80s, when drinks were far cheaper. The expense of going out is another common reason why many now prefer to stay at home and have a quiet night in playing bingo online.

All photos courtesy Depositphotos
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