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The '80s Was Full of Great NFL Players

American Football is the most popular sport in the USA and it’s also known all around the world. It has been gaining a lot of attention for decades now. This includes obviously the '80s, during which the NFL was already incredibly popular.

Even the NFL expert picks were already followed a lot in the '80s. The '80s actually had some players that are still considered some of the best in the whole NFL history. So let’s take a little walk in a memory lane, and raise our hats to some of the NFL stars of the '80s!

Joe Montana is still one of the most famous NFL players

The Comeback Kid himself, Joe Montana, was easily one the most important NFL players in the '80s. He was so famous, that his nickname is still well known even amongst the people, who are not the biggest fans of American Football. This tells a lot about the pure skill that Montana has.

He has been part of winning the Super Bowl even four times, which is an incredible accomplishment for anyone. Joe Montana is such a fascinating player, that there should be a Memory Jogger episode on him.

Lawrence Taylor and Ronnie Lott played great defense

Ronnie Lott and Lawrence Taylor are often considered some of the best players of the '80s. Ronnie Lott was also part of San Francisco, just like Joe Montana, and won four Super Bowls with the team. This is not the only Prize Lott has won. The list of his accomplishments is incredibly long, including everything from smaller to bigger wins.

Lawrence Taylor has won The Associated Press NFL MVP award. This is worthy of mentioning because he is one of the two only defensive players to ever win this. This tells a lot about how talented Lawrence Taylor was.

Dan Marino and Anthony Muñoz broke records

Dan Marino was named first-team All-Pro three times during his active seasons. He played in seven seasons. To be named this name three of seven times is an amazing accomplishment that only the most talented NFL players could reach. He was part of some very incredible moments, such as the whole 1984 campaign. This was one of the most impressive offensive seasons ever including 5,084 yards and 48 touchdowns.

Anthony Muñoz is the fifth person on our list of the most important NFL players of the '80s. He was an easy choice, due to his impressive success. He was named first-team All-Pro eight times, which is an absolutely baffling accomplishment. He has also been considered one of the best tackles in the whole NFL history.

There are many teams that were especially successful in the '80s

The teams that play in the NFL have had very various successes. This means that teams that are not as popular right now, might have been incredibly successful in the '80s. There were some very amazing teams in the '80s playing in the NFL.

One of them is obviously the San Francisco 49ers, which had players like Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott. Additionally, to the San Francisco team, there were also the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears just to name a few of the most successful teams.

NFL is still full of exciting moments

This is a good reason why the NFL is one the most followed sports in the whole world. The league has always had plenty of fantastic and exciting moments, and this has not changed throughout the years.

'80s NFL had many moments that are still remembered now. Therefore, if you are a fan of the '80s and exciting sports moments, you should look up the NFL from this decade.

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