Rad Stuff on eBay: Rambo Bubble Gum

In the true spirit of Rediscovering the 80s, the series Rad Stuff on Ebay features rare and glorious pop culture items from the '80s that I've come across while scrolling through current eBay listings.

In this edition, I guess I had my mind set on food because we've got Happy Meal toys from McDonald's, a play food set from Burger King, and the first item this week is bubble gum. Let's take a look at the items I've dug up in this edition of "Rad Stuff on eBay"...

Rambo Black Flak Bubble Gum

Hey kids, wanna take out a gun ship...with your mouth? I had some Rambo branded toy guns and role play gear as a kid, but never remembered the Big League Chew-like gum. Rambo Black Flak gum was black raspberry flavored, likely with a hint of gun powder. eBay Link

1982 Wacky Packages Sticker Album

I'm a huge fan of the Wacky Packages series of sticker cards produced by Topps through the years and the recent Mini Products produced by Super Impulse. My knowledge is limited to the sticker cards so I was excited to find this sticker album from 1982. I had several of the Panini sticker albums in the '80s that had sticker packs to buy and then specially marked albums to place the stickers. I still have my Voltron album and several sports albums. This Wacky Packages album is basically that, giving a home for the diecut Wacky Packages sticker card. This is a huge rabbit hole that I'll be exploring.  eBay Link

Mac Tonight Happy Meal Toys

I vividly remember the Mac Tonight commercials for McDonald's in the late '80s but I had totally forgot that they released Happy Meal toys! I loved the little pull-back cars featuring the McDonald's character that were produced earlier in the decade and these Mac Tonight cars look super fun. eBay Link

1985 James Bond Exploding Spoon

1985 was the first time I watched a James Bond movie. I saw A View to a Kill on HBO at a neighbor friend's house and was hooked on the spy world of James Bond. However, I don't remember seeing this exploding spoon in stores (or in any James Bond movie as the package claims.) Even though this secret agent gadget is "harmless", I would guess kids tried used it on younger siblings as a breakfast table prank. Spraying milk and cereal everywhere was not harmless when it came to mom. eBay Link

1983 Barbie Flower Seeds

I guess if we can have Rambo branded gum, it shouldn't be too difficult for Barbie to have her own flower seeds. From what I can tell, this pack of seeds came from a Barbie greenhouse kit with small pots and seeds to grow flowers throughout the year. All you had to do was get your kid brother to dig you a bucket of dirt. eBay Link

1987 Burger King Chicken Tenders Playset

Not to be outdone by McDonald's toys, Burger King released some toy food playsets in the late '80s including one for the Whopper and this one featuring Chicken Tenders. A couple scenarios play out in my head with this toy. You could setup an epic drive-thru at your house with the neighbor kids on their bikes and big wheels rolling through and ordering food. The other scenario is mom making the same old meatloaf for dinner and having to pretend to eat this "realistic" play food. I wonder if it had the scent of stale french fries? eBay Link

That's all the eBay listings for this post. Let me know if you remember any of the items mentioned above in the comments below. Happy hunting!

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