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The Development of Video Games Since the '80s: The Dawn of Interactive Entertainment

A New Reality of Video Games

Video game development is a painstaking task for a team, requiring programming skills and creative ideas. Since the advent of Tetris and Pac-Man, virtual entertainment has evolved into profound works of art. Some use complex characters and a dramatic story, while others, on the contrary, compensate for the lack of a plot with fascinating dynamic gameplay. But both of them use all available technologies to realize their ambitions.

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The Emergence of Interactive Entertainment

Since the early 1980s, video game development has become more creative, bringing fictional characters to life. This allowed not only to revive the image but also to influence what was happening on the screen. Using the concept of arcade games, the developers could realize the dream of millions of people. Create a virtual board game. One of the first implemented ideas was a Ping-Pong-style arcade back in 1972 by Ralph Baer.

So far, it was hard to imagine that a portable gaming system would soon become an indispensable accessory in almost every home. One of the first set-top boxes was the Sega SG-1000, which then belonged to Gulf & Western. Its unique feature was implementing a gaming platform designed specifically for home use.

Then in 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System saw the light, which made a real revolution in the field of interactive entertainment. The game console was a control unit that needed to be connected to a TV. Games were sold separately on so-called cartridges, and two remote controls were used to control them. This system gave the legendary series of games like Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda and Metroid.

Revolution in Technology CreationVideogames

The beginning of the '90s marked a new era in the development of computer games. First of all, it affected the technology for creating graphics. The familiar sprite character models from Virtua Fighter assault rifles could finally give way to new 3D models. The advent of new graphics accelerators made it possible to see games from a completely different angle.

The pioneer was the PC game Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, created by the efforts of id Software. The video game was the first in a new genre of three-dimensional shooters. An ancient castle where Nazi soldiers hid. You played for the hero B.J. Blazkowicz, an American soldier whose goal was to leave the lair of enemies, simultaneously destroying the guards and other ill-wishers. The game had several types of weapons, labyrinths of levels, and the main three-dimensional space, limited by a horizontal view.

Later, the ideas of 3D action were developed by the same studio, but already in the fantastic action movie Doom. This eclipsed all the previous successes of the existing console projects at that time. The classic perspective has not lost popularity, but new opportunities opened the door for experimentation by game developers. At the same time, another genre of video games reigned on portable consoles - Fighting. It is familiar to users of consoles from Sony and Sega from the Tekken and Mortal Kombat series.

New Genres Computer Games

The commercial success of individual hits has allowed investors to take the business more seriously. Large injections of funds contributed to expanding existing studios and using new tools for creating video games. Blizzard Entertainment, now an industry legend, was known for its Rock'n'Roll Racing arcade racing game. The game is remembered for its bizarre fantasy setting, customization of cars in the spirit of Mad Max, and chic musical accompaniment.

Toward the end of the '90s, the company was waiting for a resounding success. Finally, in 1995, a new game changed the strategy genre forever. WarCraft is the first RTS, in the usual sense, for gamers. All subsequent real-time strategy games owe this fantasy creation. In addition to people, the game world was inhabited by creatures inspired by Tolkien: gnomes, elves, and orcs.

The player needed to collect resources, rebuild the base, and fight off hordes of enemies. Pleasant graphics for that time, flavored with an exciting story, won the hearts of the players. A little later, Blizzard gave away another game, the ancestor of the action role-playing game Diablo. The gloomy world was enveloped in a terrible invasion of the fiends of hell. Having chosen one of the three classes of heroes, the player cleared the dungeons from the servants of darkness, collecting equipment and improving skills along the way. Until now, these games are considered reference classics in their genre.

Modern Video Games

With the advent of multiplayer and robust graphics systems, the choice of games can make your head spin. There are massive battles in the Royal Battle genre (Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty War Zone) and countless hours of exploring virtual worlds in MMOs (World of Warcraft, Eve Online, Black Desert). You can enjoy the photorealistic graphics of Microsoft's Forza racing games or practice driving with the Gran Turismo simulator on Sony PlayStation.

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