Memory Jogger: Transformers and GoBots

In this episode of Memory Jogger, Jason and Wyatt use the randomizer to choose from a group of topics and see how much they can remember (without any prior show notes.) After sharing their experiences, they can then cheat if necessary by using the Google machine to find anything they might have missed from their memories.

The topic chosen by the randomizer during this episode is Transformers and GoBots! Jason and Wyatt jog their memories to recall which came first in their experience. They also try to recall if it was the animated shows or the toys that they connected with first. They share their memories of the Transformers animated series and then going to watch Transformers: The Movie in the theater. Plus, their reactions to how Transformers has evolved over the year including the movie franchise. But not to be outdone, Jason and Wyatt also recall the GoBots animated series and the toys they collected. Join us for a mind-altering (or maybe mind-transforming) episode!

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