VHS FINDS: Hot Boards (1985)

On a recent trip to the local antique mall, hunting VHS tapes for the next episode of Thrift Store Horde, I stumbled onto a sports video. The formal rental tape was a 1985 release featuring all kinds of sports boards and not just the "old news" surf boards. Boogie boarding, wind surfing, snow boarding, water skiing, and even, sand skiing are all featured during the video.

Sports aside, Hot Boards is just soaked with mid '80s video production from the opening Prism Video titles to the cheesy synthesizer background music. The video also has plenty of interviews with the professionals, bright color fashion, and surf culture to make this a true time capsule of the '80s.

Here is the what the back slip cover tells us about Hot Boards:

Surf boards are old news in Hot Boards! There's boogie boarding, where top competitors take on some of Hawaii's meanest and biggest, windsurfing from Hawaii's North Shore, trick skiing from the best pros of the waterski world, sand skiing, where the locals take on the dunes (in the Pink Coral Desert), and snow boarding champions take on the mountains that skiers would be afraid to touch. You don't need a surfboard or even a wave, in Hot Boards!

Enjoy 29 minutes of true 1980s video nostalgia with my recent VHS find, Hot Boards!


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