VHS FINDS: NFL In The Crunch (1987)

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the time honored traditions on Thanksgiving day, other eating turkey, is football! I figured today would be the perfect time to show off one of my VHS finds that was featured in a recent episode of Thrift Store Horde. In The Crunch is a 1987 NFL Films video (sponsored by Nestle's Crunch) that shows highlights of the pro football's most clutch teams and players who were at their best during "crunch time."

I'm not sure if the Nestle's Crunch sponsorship meant the VHS tape was made available in grocery store displays or if they just helped fund the video itself. I thought for certain there would be some mention or highlight package specifically sponsored by the Nestle's Crunch bar in the video but I couldn't find anything. Nonetheless, watching old football highlights and interviews is still entertaining, especially from the '80s and prior decades.

Here is the what the back slip cover tells us about In The Crunch:

In The Crunch celebrates the deeds of teams that battled back and individual performers who prevailed under pressure. When time was tight and miracles were needed, quarterbacks Johnny Unitas and Ken Stabler proved their greatness. Baltimore's Unitas established himself as a field general who was flawless in the clutch, while the Raider's 'Snake' Stabler created some of the most thrilling come-from-behind victories in NFL history. Heart-stopping finishes earned the Cleveland Browns of 1979-80 the tag 'Cardiac Kids.' Over the course of two seasons, the Browns won 14 games in the final two minutes or overtime. The closing moments of big games also brought out the courage and cunning in quarterbacks like Terry Bradshaw who consistently found Lynn Swann through a thicket of receivers, plus Joe Montana, Roger Staubach and John Elway, all of whom engineered memorable last-ditch drives in post-season play. When their teams were all but counted out, these men, and others, could be counted on to play their best In the Crunch.

Enjoy 45 minutes of pro football nostalgia with my recent VHS find, In The Crunch!


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