The Most Popular Game Developers of the 1980s and Their Best Creations

The Best Online Game Makers of the 1980s

A complete lull characterizes this era in many of the world's key countries. Such huge states as the USSR and the United States in the 1980s focused on domestic politics and tried to create a favorable microclimate for their citizens. This also affected the IT sphere, as various games that blew the minds of the younger generation began to be actively promoted.

For the most part, such content was created by enthusiasts voluntarily and was not a way to make money. Despite this, games flooded the minds of teenage children and even many adults. Entertainment at the time was very primitive, but people were fans of them because it was a breakthrough in the entertainment industry.

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List of the most memorable developers and their best games of the 1980s

Since the game industry of the period was only emerging as a commercial sphere, most of the content was created by individuals and implemented by specialized companies.

It should be noted that most people came up with the idea of the game and sold the rights to large companies, but in some cases, enthusiasts produced software on their own through the efforts of a few people.

We present to our readers a list of the best developers of the 1980s:
  • Hiroyuki Imaishi (Sokoban)
  • Gonzalo Suarez Girard and Opera Soft (Goody)
  • Junko Ozawa Ryoichi Okubo Takefumi Hyodo (Battle City)
  • Jordan Mechner (Karateka)
  • Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development (Super Mario Bros)
Super Mario

Hiroyuki Imaishi

This talented animator, director, and game designer was very interested in creativity at a young age and, in 1981, proposed an innovative (at the time) game - Sokoban. This kind of pastime had very simple rules, according to which it was required to move the box, placing them in the maze.

In addition, Sokoban fans were also offered a reverse mode, implying a reverse sequence of actions. As a result, the described game was almost immediately adapted for use on phones, computers, cameras, and televisions.

The idea came to fruition in 1982, thanks to Thinking Rabbit. The puzzle game was loved by many people and went down in history. Many fans of such games these days actively devote time to their favorite pastime - playing in flexepin casinos Canada, which are the best suppliers of exciting content.

Gonzalo Suarez Girard

One of the most talented artists and game designers is Gonzalo Suarez Girard. This outstanding person is the creator of Goody, an adventure game about a thief and his complex craft. One of the first tasks is a bank robbery with all the subtleties of this procedure. The players must also hide from the chase, overcoming all obstacles.

Such an idea in 1987 was considered something unique and very much loved by the public. Feeling this excitement, the young Spanish company Opera Soft, founded in 1986, took up the realization of ideas.

Jordan Mechner

Jordan Mechner is a young and talented designer who has managed to create something new and unusual at the age of 20. Thanks to his ambition and interesting ideas, Brøderbund decided to offer his services and help him make an exciting game of those times - Karateka.

In the beginning, the user sees a scene that shows the palace, the main villain (Akuma), who holds the princess hostage, as well as his guards. To reach his goal, you must defeat the crowd of guards, fight with the hand eagle ruler, and only then will the final battle - the most challenging confrontation.

Karateka is a very clever battle simulator and is accompanied by very realistic animations, as well as has a chic musical accompaniment. The game was created in 1984 for IO, but three years later, PC users could also enjoy this masterpiece.

Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development

And finally, one of the most recognizable companies that went down in history for its uniqueness is Nintendo EAD and its legendary game Super Mario Bros.

Considering this product was released in 1985 when gaming was emerging, its sales were enormous, and more than 40 million people made this purchase. The legacy continues today in mobile gaming with Super Mario Run.

The whole game has 8 levels, each good and exciting; the complexity increases gradually, allowing you to adapt. The player controls the little Mexican Mario, who has to overcome challenging obstacles and defeat enemies to reach the finish line.

Junko Ozawa, Ryoichi Okubo & Takefumi Hyodo

Three talented programmers-enthusiasts have created a precious product that a vast audience loves. Such personalities laid a solid foundation for Gday casino and other popular gambling establishments.

It is about the game Battle City - an exciting confrontation and control of actual military equipment. The user is offered a tank and given 20 opponents to destroy. In addition, the player has his headquarters, which must be protected. After completing all the tasks, there is a transition to the next level.

This game belongs to the genre of "arcade" and was born in 1985. The battlefield has a size of 13 x 13 cells, and the total number of available levels is 35, but with a whole passage begins a new round on a more incredible difficulty.

Summary table of the best games of the 1980s


Company developer

Release Date

Name of a popular game

Hiroyuki Imaishi

Thinking Rabbit



Gonzalo Suarez Girard

Opera Soft



Junko Ozawa, Ryoichi Okubo, Takefumi Hyodo



Battle City

Jordan Mechner




Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development

Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development


Super Mario Bros

All materials in this review refer only to reliable sources, such as Wikipedia and official blogs from the creators of the games described.

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