Which Retro Video Games Can Be Considered The Rarest In The World?

When a game is good nowadays, it's readily available, and the supply is unlimited, especially considering how digital downloads work. However, this hasn't always been the case, and it certainly doesn't apply to retro games, which appear to be all the rage again. You could go as far as describing some retro games as rare, with some rarer than others.

Stadium Events – 1986

It’s often been the case where video games have been associated with being sat in front of a TV and staying put for hours on end. And then you can look to the present day at games such as WII Fitness and others which have been designed to get people moving. Well, in 1986, Bandai attempted this when they released Stadium Events, described as a fitness title. What makes Stadium Events so rare is that 2,000 copies were made, but only 200 hit shelves and only 11 of those have ever been seen. So, in effect, there could be over 185 copies still lying around, which will be worth a lot of money.

Gamma Attack – 1983

This list is all about games that are both retro and rare in equal measure. Retro games have always had a loyal following, as online casino operators will admit to. Retro-themed online slot games have always been popular with worldwide audiences, and you would expect the same with Gamma Attack. But there’s one huge drawback, and that’s that only one copy of the game exists. And people had the chance to purchase this copy of Gamma Attack from the owner in 2008 after he listed it on eBay, but no bidders entertained his asking price of a whopping $500,000, even though it’s the only known copy.

Air Raid – 1982

What will become noticeable to anyone searching our rare video games, especially those from a few decades ago, is that many of these elusive titles are Atari games. But, in the eyes of a lot of rare game hunters, Air Raid, released in 1982, is the rarest Atari game of all time, which is some status to have. The gameplay was simple; players were tasked with defending Manhattan from alien invaders in the form of flying saucers, but until 2012, no copies of the game had surfaced. That was until a man who a sales rep had handed a copy of the game in the 80s came forward and then sold it for a considerable sum.

Super Mario Bros. – 1983

Yes, we know what you’re thinking; Super Mario Bros. is one of the most popular video games of all time, and it’s always been readily available. And it’s true. However, the rare element is copies of the 1983 release in their original sealed box. Because of the cult following the Super Mario Bros. franchise has developed, boxed and sealed versions of the release from 1983 are super rare, and when they come to the surface, they’re often sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

Tetris – 1984

Most, if not all, gamers will have heard of the phenomenon that was and is Tetris. And many of them will likely have seen the game brought to the table by Nintendo. However, Tetris has an incredibly interesting and confusing history, as it's actually a game that was initially developed in the early 1980s by the USSR. And, it's copies of the game in its original guise that have consistently proven incredibly rare and elusive. Production numbers were limited, but there has been the odd copy to surface and sell for tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

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