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The Example of MTV and the New Rules of Storytelling

Sometimes, finding the right inspiration requires a dip into the past, into that glorious era full of innovation that was the 1980s. It was during those years that the world began to change forever, triggering a real revolution that heavily conditioned the world of gaming, music, entertainment, but also some of our daily habits and lifestyle, starting with the way we dress.

It was therefore a vibrant era, quivering with innovations and major changes, which contributed decisively to shaping the appearance of society to which we have all become accustomed. Modern communication, in the times of social media and the metaverse, can also draw inspiration from the revolutionary spirit of the 1980s, from that silent force that produced so many changes and also brought with it a general cultural realignment, opening up new possibilities and unexpected scenarios that changed people's (and companies') lives forever.

Even nowadays, as we stand at the gates of a second revolutionary wave (after the social media wave) that will transport us into the metaverse, many companies continue to communicate and tell their stories in an ineffective manner, relying in most cases on chance, or on content of no value that almost always ends up spoiling their reputation, offline and online, especially from the new web audiences.

Corporate communication

One of the most misunderstood concepts in the field of corporate communication is certainly that of storytelling, which in most cases is used by companies to tell themselves in a different way, more creative and closer to people, as if it were a story told to a close friend while looking him in the eye.

Some brands have begun to exploit storytelling strategies to an exceptional degree, creating forms of storytelling that are studied and re-proposed in all digital marketing courses, even within the most prestigious business schools.

A valuable source of inspiration

Those who have not yet grasped the value of storytelling should perhaps be inspired by the case of MTV, which completely changed the music industry and the rules of television entertainment in the early 1980s. The story of MTV, in every single phase, can also be retraced by a company wishing to set a new tone in its online communication, by making it more appealing and more in line with the tastes of new audiences (such as young people).

Martha Quinn
The history of MTV began with "Video Killed The Radio Star," a certainly very strong piece of content that was both a declaration of war and a clear statement of intent, with which the channel indirectly reaffirmed its mission and its position in the world.

To promote themselves within the new online communication channels, brands will have to produce equally strong content, always clearly expressing their values and the purpose of their existence in the market.

With weak, unclear or ambiguous content, the role of the company will become increasingly nebulous, and consumers will never fully understand it. MTV also clarified once and for all the potential of storytelling, which in order to express itself in its entirety always needs to involve more than one sense, more than one dimension, generating true and authentic emotions in the viewers.

Thanks to the power of video, music could no longer be appreciated solely by hearing, but also by sight, thus greatly broadening the audience's perceptual horizons. Companies will have to act in exactly the same way, expanding the scope of their content and allowing their audiences to fully enjoy it, involving as many sensory abilities as possible, thus creating extremely powerful content that will stick in their memory for a long time.

This method has already been successfully employed by some of the top brands specializing in online gambling, which continue to delight their users with all-encompassing and extremely satisfying experiences that engage them at every level of their sensory faculties. In addition to offering vast selections of casino games and casino bonuses for players' enjoyment, the platforms always offer games that are complete and captivating in every way, including visual and sound effects.

With their breathtaking graphics and highly addictive sound effects, the gaming experience reaches a level of intensity never seen before, immersing every user even further into the magical world of online entertainment. The fact that the games were chosen by a team of experts in the field, who evaluated them scrupulously and extremely punctually, is a further guarantee of their reliability.

The soul best prepared to face the challenges of the future, nowadays, is the one that has already studied and internalized the lessons of the past, drawing from them all the most useful lessons.

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