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'Back To The Future': 7 Things The Movie Predicted

It is no secret that science fiction has greatly inspired the inventors of the 21st century.

The 1985 film Back to the Future and its sequels are favorites among many movie fans. From 3D glasses to flying cars, the film franchise predicted many things. Here are 10 things that the movie predicted that (mostly) came true:


The film showed this electronic element which is very common these days: Video Calls. In the 80s, this of course was not a normal thing at all. Nowadays, it is normal to do all activities from the comfort of your home and all you need is a cell phone.

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Today, the use of Skype and other video calling and video conferencing applications is commonplace for both business and personal use.

The Flying Car

China's XPeng X2 recently conducted the first test flight of its two-seat flying car at the GITEX technology fair in Dubai. In fact, today, there are already many other prototypes that try to bring to life this great pop culture reference.

Yes, "Back to the future" made many people fantasize in the eighties, but no one counted on the fact that today, this would be a reality. Although this is not yet the common denominator, it has already proven to be possible.

For now, the closest thing there is to a flying car is a hybrid between a car and an airplane.

Holograms In 3D

Holograms have been around for years and have evolved amazingly. Now, holograms are used more frequently in Japan, even though they might not as good as the ad for Jaws 19 attacking Marty.

That level has quite not yet been reached, but there will surely be an attempt to replicate holograms at that level where it can evoke deep sensations in the user.

A hologram is a three-dimensional image created with lasers.

Nike's Self-Lacing "Power Laces"

This was a great idea that became a reality! In 2011, the American firm launched the model that McFly wore in the movie.

The most recent edition of the "Nike MAG" (commercial name of the smart shoes) is valued at 70 thousand dollars and implements LED technology with automatic lacing, as in the second edition of the trilogy.

The Nike Air Mag has been a very desirable sneaker that became famous in Back to the Future Part II when it was not yet possible to buy them.

Trash That Turns Into Electric Power

This is a real necessity in the modern era. More than thirty years later, the generation of energy from waste is a concrete possibility, although barely exploited.

There is still a lack of true environmental awareness. In Spain, for instance, there are many farms from which a considerable amount of excrement could be obtained to produce this new fuel. With today's level of technology, anything is possible.

There is no denying that cars powered by renewable and sustainable energies are here to stay.

Chicago Cubs In The World Series

In Back to the Future Part II, it marks the year 2015 when the Cubs are in the World Series when in reality the team achieved it in 2016 breaking a title drought of more than a century (1908).

It was not the right year, but it predicted an unexpected triumph, especially given the bad streak they had been on for over one hundred years.

Cybernauts immediately noticed this coincidence and flooded the social networks with comments.

Smart Glasses

Sound familiar? While smartphones are the real source of distraction today, high-tech video glasses are evolving and becoming more popular these days. In fact, it is the gift that many people ask for at Christmas or for a birthday.

The good news is you can now find these gadgets at any price, so there is something for everyone's budget.

Large technology companies announce the launch of new solutions of this kind every day.

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