Board Games We Played in the 80s That Are Still Popular Today

Board games have been entertaining families for a long time and they were still very popular among both kids and adults in the 1980s. These games ensure that family gatherings are more fun, interactive and improve problem-solving abilities.

Here is a list of board games that we played in the 1980s that are still popular among households today.


This extremely popular game among kids and adults is more than 10 decades old. Monopoly has up to 10 participants and involves the collection of money through buying properties, hotels, and houses.

Players can also rent properties when they land in anyone else’s area. This game is extremely creative and ensures that all players have an enjoyable time playing it. This game has several benefits and teaches players to strategize and solve problems, plan beforehand, and improve negotiation skills.


This game is appropriate for people of all ages. This game is played by taking turns firing shots at the ships of your enemies. Firing a shot results in the sinking of the enemy ship and that determines the winner. Different variations of these entertaining games can be played by changing rules such as the number of shots, etc.

This game improves the attention span of players in addition to helping them recognize patterns and process important information.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

This tabletop game is fun to play for preschoolers and adults alike. In this game, each player has to move their hippos across the playing arena and come back while eating as many marbles as they can. They also have to under other’s player’s hippos from eating marbles.

While this game only minutes to complete, it is perfect for busy adults looking to spend time with their kids. It also teaches kids to improve their motor skills and develop strong hand-eye coordination.


Scrabble has not lost its charm even after decades. This board game is extremely popular among people from all age groups. A vital advantage of this game is that it has different levels for different skill sets and ages. Each player can choose a level at their convenience.

The scrabble board comprises 255 tiles and allows two-four players at a time. It is like a cross-word puzzle game and allows participants to explore new words and improve their vocabulary. Other benefits of this fun game include memory enhancement, improved focus, and helps you in better interactions with people.

The unscramble words solver tools can help you in getting useful tips while playing board games. In addition to showing all the possible words, these tools also improve your vocabulary and verbiage.


This board game that originated in 1983 can be played on a one-on-one basis or as a team. In this game, the players need to topple maximum towers to win. The team with the minimum number of towers toppled wins the game. The game is skill-based but also involves luck.

The elements comprise two boards interlocked together and 12 playing pieces of red, yellow, orange, or purple color. On their turn, the participant has to place their piece on an unoccupied slot. The game is a favorite among people of all ages and makes your family reunions fun.

Topple enhances the motor skills and hand-eye coordination of kids and also helps in preventing dexterity.


Candyland is an interactive and visually appealing game loved by children. The goal in this board game is to reach the candy castle after passing through a colorful path with squares to move up, down, or sideways.

The player who manages to win tokens in all directions becomes the winner of this game. This fun game can be played by kids of all ages and it doesn't require more than 20 mins to finish.

More than 2 players can play this game and it is an ideal method to teach colors to young children and make them esteemed problem solvers. The benefits of playing Candyland include improving physical strength, developing strong cognitive skills, and enhancing language skills.

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