Rediscovered #10 - Club Paradise

Jason and Wyatt return for another episode of "Rediscovered," a podcast reviewing obscure TV, moves, and cartoons from the '80s. Episode 10 reviews the 1986 movie Club Paradise starring Robin Williams. Directed by Harold Ramis, the island comedy is considered a box office flop despite having a great cast of comedians.

Our podcast goes in depth on the film including its origin, cast and crew, and box office history. We'll also give you our review including our favorite/least favorite characters/scenes and then an overall rating of a recommendation to rediscover the movie or leave it in the past.

We also welcome your comments on Club Paradise and any suggestions for TV shows, movies, or cartoons for us to review in future episodes. Tweet us @RD80s and @infamouswb or Leave us a VOICEMAIL and we'll respond to it on our next episode.

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