Play the Classic '80s Game Run Yourself Ragged With Your Desktop Browser!

One of my all time favorite games, the desktop marble challenge Run Yourself Ragged, has been converted into an online game. Using your desktop browser, click over to Screwball Scramble to play the game we all remember from the '80s. All the little challenges are there including the 3-plank bridge, the wiry metal bridge across the alligator swamp, the peg table, platform jump, tube maze, and catapult into the bell.

Run Yourself Ragged originally debuted in 1979 from Tomy and became popular in the early '80s.

The game was rebranded as SNUFU: The Maze Game That Runs You Ragged in the '90s as well as other names like Crazy Maze and Tricky Golf. The game's current iteration is Screwball Scramble which is still being manufactured! There is even a sequel, Screwball Scramble 2 which is an all new tabletop maze challenge. 

A few years ago I decided to recollect the game. The best one I could find on eBay was the Snafu version from the '90s which was brand new. Then as luck would have it, I found an original version at a thrift store so now I own both versions. Here is a short video I posted in 2020 of my daughter and me playing the game Snafu which we all remember as Run Yourself Ragged:

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