Misheard 80s Lyrics: "Carry A Laser..."

Mister Mister "Kyrie"

It was years before I determined what exactly was being sung in "Kyrie." The best interpretation I heard was "Carry a laser down the road that I must travel." I remember looking up the lyrics on the internet when I was in college and going "huh?" Here are a few more interpretations from AmIRight.Com:

Can you even listen down the road...
Carrie Ann lays along the road...
Carry a raisin down the road...
Kill me a lizard down the road...

The lyrics of the song are actually "Kyrie Eleison" which is Greek for "Lord, have mercy." So, it appears that Mr. Mister could have intended the song to be a prayer. Think about that as you watch the video to their #1 hit from 1986.


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  1. I really appreciate the sentiment now, but at the time I just shrugged my shoulders and sang what I wanted, it was much more fun to sing "Carry a laser..."

  2. Well the actual lyrics were pretty much alien to anybody in their teens, which most of us were at the time who still love 80's music. Almost nobody at that age would've ever heard that phrase in the course of daily life, and few albums actually had the lyrics inside, especially cassettes. You had to guess what the lyrics were if they weren't clear, and wait until the internet came into being and all those questions were answered for us (though often times, many of the lyrics on the internet were even wrong since they were usually contributed by users ;)).


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