Retro Top Ten: Good Things About A Baseball Strike

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa...

Top Ten Good Things About A Baseball Strike

10. San Diego Chicken will be forced to get a real job
9.   Gives the public time to get used to a commissioner named "Fay"
8.   Nike can launch ad campaign for "Bo Knows Picket Lines"
7.   Chance to round up hundreds of potential Yankee managers
6.   It be fun to watch Morgana run to kiss pro bowlers
5.   Allows time for that bright orange nacho cheese stuff to mellow
4.   Cleveland fans can boast that the Indians are tied for first place
3.   Newspapers have more room to devote to Marla Maples
2.   Frees up unused Astroturf for my hairpiece
1. Gives indoor lacrosse a fighting chance!

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