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Retro Top Ten: Stealth Bomber Features

The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, otherwise known as the B-2 Stealth Bomber, made it's first flight on July 17, 1989. According to Wikipedia, 21 were built with 20 still in active service for the US military. At the time, each aircraft cost $787 million dollars to build.
Here are some features that the Late Night crew thought should have been added in that budget....

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa...

Top Ten Features Of The New Stealth Bomber

10. Has two-inch ball hitch on back so it can pull Stealth trailer
9.   Makes square and crescent-shaped ice cubes
8.   Plenty of room on wing for Trump logo
7.   Computer tabulator shows pilot up-tp-the-minute frequent flyer mileage
6.   Easiest plane ever for pouring Pepsi Upside down
5.   Siren sounds if monster appears on wing, like in "Twilight Zone"
4.   Nose cone opens to release giant spring-loaded boxing glove
3.   Enormous speakers can be heard playing "We Will Rock You" across a continent
2.   Advanced bombsights allow crew to deliver payload right down Khaddafy's shorts
1. Kids fly free

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