80s Exam: Newspaper Job Openings

 I drew up some job openings based on 80s tunes. Can you figure them out?

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  1. Alright. I shan't confess how much thought I put into this at work today... but... here's what I got WITHOUT the net (I figure Google could help unlock some of these)

    Weekend Help - Everybody's Workin' For the Weekend
    Delivery Driver - Money for Nothin'
    Workers Needed - Allentown
    Waitress Position - She Works Hard for the Money
    Dock Worker - Livin' on a Prayer
    Secretary Position - 9 to 5
    Earn a Good Living - Working for a Living.

    I know I'll probably shoot myself when I get the actual answers... but this was a fun brain teaser today, thanks!!!

  2. Glad you liked it, Fogs! Please share if you think your friends will too.

    All your answers above are correct! Email me if you want the others. I'm not gonna post the answers, in hope that others will.

  3. I love this! Very creative! In addition to the answer listed above, I have these:

    Weekend Help - Working for the Weekend
    Agitated about another week - Morning Train (9 to 5)
    1am to 9am Shift - Night Shift

    I'm stumped on the others.

  4. Waitress Opening - Don't You Want Me (Human League)

    Right? I loved it!

  5. @Amanda Yes!
    @returntothe80s 2 of 3 correct. Agitated is not right.

  6. "Agitated About Another Week"
    The Bangles - Manic Monday

    Starship - We Built This City

    That's all I can think of from the remaining ones.

  7. @Silverhawk Both correct. Thanks for you recent input on this and other posts!

    4 left that have not been answered:

    Workers Needed
    Intern Position
    Dock Help
    County Position


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