Ultimate 80s Space Travel Playlist

I've always been fascinated with space exploration. The infinite possibilities of discovery in our endless universe is just mind blowing to me. Add in the fantasy of Hollywood and my appetite for the unknown continues to grow. I often think how fortunate those men and women must feel, who have experienced space travel! If I ever get the opportunity to venture into space and look back at planet Earth, I'd want the Ultimate 80s Space Travel Playlist for the journey....

Flock of Seagulls "Space Age Love Song" (1982)
An obvious choice, if you follow me on Twitter. This song just has the chords and the feel of traveling at light speed.

Rush "Countdown" (1982)
This song was inspired by the first flight of the Columbia space shuttle in 1981. It's listed on Spinner.com as the #1 traditional wake-up song by the astronauts.

Pink Floyd "Learning To Fly" (1987)
A must have for all those tireless training exercises and preparations leading up to the launch date.

Queen "Flash (Flash Gordon Theme)" (1982)
If being an astronaut is not enough to boost your ego, one listen to this and you'll feel like the "savior of the universe" once you board your shuttle.

John Williams "Theme from E.T. (the Extra Terrestrial)" (1982)
Just in case you run in to any during your trip...

Def Leppard "Rocket" (1987)
For those times when you just have to sing about your rocket....yeah!

Duran Duran "Planet Earth" (1981)
Everyone gets a little homesick once and awhile...perfect song for taking a peek back at home.

Madonna "Lucky Star" (1983)
For wooing any female astronauts during the long trek.

James Horner "Theme from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" (1982)
Speaking of Trek, this orchestral theme will get you through those evasive maneuvers.

Tom Petty: Free Fallin' (1989)
Finally, screaming this song at the top of your lungs will definitely settle any fears when reentering the atmosphere.
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