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Ultimate '80s New Year's Resolution Playlist

It's about that time...another year coming to a close. I, like most others, usually come up with a couple things to put on my new year's resolution list. They usually involve trying to learn a talent that I simply don't have or coming up with an over-exaggerated exercise regimen that usually lasts usually for about a month.

I think it's safe to say we all could stand to lose a few pounds after all the holiday eats, so I've created a nice long '80s playlist to assist us in getting back into shape!! Whether you plan to walk around the neighborhood, jog on a track, use the stair stepper at the gym, or run a marathon, the Ultimate '80s New Year's Resolution Playlist is here to help!!

Check out the songs and grab the Spotify playlist to add to your app...

U2 "New Years Day" (1983)
I dare you to find a better song to kick off the new year!!

Pink Floyd "Run Like Hell" (1980)
Gotta have this one on your iPod for when the neighbor's pit bull gets out and starts chasing you down the sidewalk! No other way to run but "like hell" when that happens.

Bob Seger "Against the Wind" (1980)
"I was livin' to run and runnin' to live" is a great line from this song. Seger has said this song was written from his days as a cross country runner in high school. It also features Glen Frey on backup vocals.

Flock of Seagulls "I Ran (So Far Away)" (1982)
This song is probably my favorite of the entire decade of the 80s. Seems to fit perfect with a nice long distance run. Just make sure you listen to the original and not to the Fez version from the 70s show.

Matthew Wilder "Break My Stride" (1983)
This song lyrics are a far better motivator than Matt Foley ever dreamed to be! (Although, he could do a heck of a cartwheel.) We all have the doubters around us. "Your gonna what?? Yeah right!!" Well thanks to this song you can tell those doubters that no one is gonna slow you down and you'll keep right on moving!

Bryan Adams "Run To You" (1984)
This is actually the first song I heard that started this playlist. Runners will love this song even if they don't have someone in their sights to reach.

Katrina and the Waves "Walking On Sunshine" (1985)
Feel that burn!..."Don't it feel good?" This up-tempo song is probably not that great for "walking." Although if you were walking on the sun, you would probably speed it up! In case you don't have the MP3, try the dozens of movies, TV shows, video games, or TV commercials that have featured it.

Dire Straits "Walk Of Life" (1985)
Another good song for cross country runners. Lead singer Mark Knopfler has told the song is about a man traveling from town to town telling stories. It's now played frequently at professional sports arenas with the famous organ melody. The video also features mid 80s sports bloopers.

Bangles "Walk Like an Egyptian" (1986)
This song is for all you power walkers out there. It is still cool do the Egyptian strut across all pedestrian crosswalks, but only if you are wearing white pants. But I'm not sure if "all the cops in the donut shop" still say "wayo-wayo-way-ay-o."

Run DMC "Walk This Way" (1986)
Another great song for power walkers. But I would suggest adding some shoelaces to your Adidas and tying them before proceeding on your walk.

Huey Lewis & The News "Jacob's Ladder" (1986)
Here's a great song while you are on the elliptical machine. Lewis climbed the chart ladder all the way to #1 with this song, written by Bruce Hornsby. It was the second #1 ("Stuck With You") and one of five top ten singles from their multi-platinum selling album Fore!.

Information Society "Walking Away" (1988)
As you head down your journey to a better you, keep "walking away from things in our past and things that just won't last" as this song suggests. So please just disregard lead singer Kurt Harland's hairdo and the keytar spotted in this video.

Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" (1988)
Walking 500 miles and then 500 more might take a long time, but running that far over the course of a year is doable for many runners. Featured on the 1988 album Sunshine On Leith, this song actually wasn't released as a single in the US until 1993 when it appeared on the Benny & Joon soundtrack.

Bobby Brown "Every Little Step" (1989)
One of my faves from the late 80s, when wearing your first name on your clothes was cool. "Every little step" counts when you are working toward a goal. And if running gets a little boring, dancing like in this video can definitely count as a work out!!

Tom Petty "Runnin' Down a Dream" (1989)
Most of the early morning runners will appreciate this song. Sometimes that first mile can feel like you are running through a patch of fog. You can also add this song on my list for reasons why I miss music videos on MTV!

New Kids On The Block "Step By Step" (1990)
I usually try to keep these playlists to songs released in the 80s, so I'm "stepping" away from that for a brief moment. Recorded in 1989, NKOTB scored their 3rd #1 single with the title track off their Step By Step album. A great song in case you see a hot girl running ahead of you on the track.

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