How to Make Money Using 1980s Symbols in the 21st Century

You have probably heard that fashion has a cyclical nature and rather often forgotten things become trendy. That is why if you have 80s cultural symbols in the attic, don’t rush to throw them away. These items can be useful for a vintage blog, sale, or even a theme party. Continue reading our post to find out more about the ways to make money out of vintage and rare things that are lying around.

Early gaming

Sell vintage clothes and jewelry

There are millions of collectors across the world who are always surfing the Internet in an attempt to find something valuable. If you find such an item, be sure that the buyers won’t keep themselves waiting. You can sell clothes, jewelry, and shoes for really good money. For example, in 2000, Judy Garland’s slippers from the Wizard of Oz were sold for $666,000. Here are the platforms where you can sell old things efficiently:
  • Ebay lists millions of items from hand-made things to hi-tech devices. You can add 20 free advertisements per month and the following ones will cost you 35p. For every item sold, you’ll be charged 10%.
  • ASOS marketplace. A well-known fashion site has recently launched its own marketplace for independent sellers. However, to sell on ASOS, you need to have at least 20 styles at the same time, a fixed price, and an approved application.
  • ETSY has over 2 million sellers and 39 million active buyers. This means that there is lots of room for success. ETSY has a simple and convenient registration process that doesn’t take long.
  • Social networks. If you don’t want to bother yourself with registering at marketplaces, try using Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Thus, you’ll reach millions of potential buyers in no time.

Sell vintage home decorations

If you want to sell old things online but don’t have the right clothes or jewelry, you might like the idea of design items. There are plenty of options when it comes to interior design and the only limit is your imagination. Let us give you several ideas:
  • A table out of old suitcases
  • A kitchen island out of a workbench
  • A leather trunk as a coffee table
  • A desk out of old cassettes
As you see, there are lots of ideas. If you can’t invent them on your own, don’t worry! Just surf the internet and you’ll find plenty of options. Refurbish and restore furniture and other elements of décor, sell them, or leave them at your own house instead of purchasing expensive items.

Start a vintage blog

If you want to become a blogger and love the 80s, you already have a great idea for the website! Millions of users search for online thrift stores, accessorizing, vintage decorating, DIY tutorials, and home makeovers. In your blog, you can add photos and videos of vintage homes, write about items from the 80s, and provide tips on decorating bathrooms, living rooms, and other areas.

You can find great vintage blog ideas at Eclectically Vintage, Lace n Ruffles, Because It’s Awesome, and other popular websites.

Make online reviews

If you have found a big number of old school computer video games, don’t rush to delete them. Instead, consider reviving the 80s culture. Trust us, you will easily find your audience and be able to make good money. Add vintage photo effects and make videos to post them on YouTube, Twitch, and similar websites.

To make the content even more engaging, we recommend using professional software and apps. You can also learn how to record screens on Windows 10 or capture screens on lower versions to make gaming screencasts and become a producer of your own channel.

Sell old toys and games at auctions

If you or your parents were lucky to grow up with numerous toys but for some reason didn’t throw them away, use this opportunity to get richer. Things from the 1980s, especially video games and limited editions of toys can be rather expensive. For example:
  • Super Mario Bros game (1985) in the original package is listed on eBay for $8,000.
  • Star Wars action figures from the '80s always increase in value, especially medical droids. In 2014, one of them was purchased for almost $8,800.
  • Barbie from the Happy Holidays edition that was launched in 1988. Nowadays, it is sold for $2,000 each.
Before listing the items at auctions, make sure to clean them carefully. If some of the details are missing, find them online to increase the total value. Don’t forget to take clear photos in natural light. Finally, create a detailed and attractive description for each item.

Host a theme party

Another unusual way of using the 1980s symbols is throwing a party. You can invite your friends and co-workers over or gather a bigger event with unknown people. Use vintage décor items, create a playlist from the 80s, make cocktails, and have a good time. Don’t forget to add vintage photo effects to the invitations. Guests will love them!

But how to make money at a party, you may ask? There are lots of options, actually. You can set an entrance fee, sell rare items during the party, or make a video of the event and post it on your YouTube channel.

Hello from the 80s and beyond

Final thoughts The Internet has given us lots of opportunities. There are millions of websites, marketplaces, and social media platforms where you can start a blog about the 80s, sell vintage items, and share your decoration skills with the world. All these things are easy to do if you have enough motivation, know a good photo editor, and are not afraid of trials and errors. Go for it!

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