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Lite-Brite in the 80s

Did you have a Lite-Brite in the 80s??

Lite-Brite was a very popular toy in the 80s, although it was created in 1967 and is still sold today. Now in flatscreens and cubes, those of us that had Lite-Brite in the 80s remember the large white box and black peg board front. The sky was the limit for really creative kids or if you were like me, those clumsy black paper patterns were needed to do create something halfway decent.
My Lite-Brite always seemed to have one peg that was impossible to pry from the board. Here's a board you shouldn't have any trouble with...have a little creative fun on us.

If you have an iPhone, click the photo below to get the app for $.99! 

Leave a comment below with your Lite-Brite memory!!

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