Misheard 80s Lyrics: "I Guess The Rain's..."

Okay, this one is on me. Up until probably sometime last year, I was singing the wrong lyrics to Toto's "Africa." Seems pretty funny now that I would misinterpret the lyrics as I guess the rain's down in AfricaIt's not like Africa is known for its torrential rain or its long spring seasons. I mean think about it. Can you picture two farmers during the middle of summer drought saying to each other: 
Where is all the rain, Joe? My crops are all gonna dry up! 
Not sure, Sam. I've heard its been over a month now since we've seen a drop. Matter of fact, the whole southern United States is in a drought. 
(Shrugging shoulders) Hmm, I guess the rain's down in Africa, Joe. 

I might come across as an 80s expert sometimes, but even I have taken advantage of "rediscovering the 80s"  from time to time. Seems to make much more sense now to sing...

I bless the rains down in Africa

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  1. The big question on my mind is: Did the natives kill David Paich? The librarian looked to be a goner. And where the heck did they find those big ass books to jam atop?

    The world might never know...


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